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Journal of Drug and Alcohol Research is an open access peer reviewed journal which deals with the Alcohol abuse, drug abuse, narcotics and others which are pertaining to the Drug and Alcohol.

Journal of Drug and Alcohol Research has completed its eight years in publishing with the support of eminent scholars and researchers that has led to the vast exploration in the field of Psychiatry and Medicine.

Journal of Drug and Alcohol Research is running successfully with its eighth volume under the Ashdin Publisher, and released more than 100 articles in cumulative pertaining to the topics such as drug overdose, alcohol use, narcotics abuse, alcohol disorders, and not précised to these and many other topics related to Drug and Alcohol.

It is the journal which is indexed in Scopus, CNKI Scholar and many other sites, moreover Journal of Drug and Alcohol Research is the Official Journal of the International Drug Abuse Research Society and the International Narcotics Research Conference.

The main theme of the journal is to provide and explore the knowledge, recent updates to the scientific society on the Alcohol and Drug usage, in parallel journal works on the innovations of various technologies related to the Narcotics and laboratories.

Journal of Drug and Alcohol Research has the eminent people in the editorial board, for instance our Editor-in-Chief Dr. Michael J. Kuhar has been working from its inaugural issue and he has rendered his services towards the growth of the journal and also it has Syed F. Ali who is from National Center for Toxicological Research, United States.

With great pleasure, Journal announces quality articles submissions in the form of Research reports, Review articles, Case reports, case studies, short commentaries, etc. Article processing and tracking can be securely accessed by the authors, reviewers and editors for monitoring and tracking the manuscripts.

Journal welcomes the upcoming valuable submissions for publication online through Drug and Alcohol Research or can be directly submitted as an email attachment to Editorial Office at jdar@ashdin.com


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