Functional food fills the gaps between synthetic medicine and perfection of our wellbeing


Functional food fills the gaps between synthetic medicine and perfection of our wellbeing

It has been a severe threatening to the global health during the past decades that the chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure, hyperglycemia, and hyperlipoidemia are prevailing among modern society. It is an evolving process that people realizing the food ingredient and eating habit are the major factors of such disorders. Decades of research has proven that some industrial food ingredients are inducing abnormal health changes, such as the relation between artificial trans-fat and cardiovascular and mental diseases, that eventually lead to the tight regulation and ban of their usage

Within research scope, the food additives and artificial agricultural processing products are more often good to our health. First of all, studying the processing of agriculture products greatly enhances the total usage of them and relieves the pressure from food shortage, especially in the developing countries even in this century. By investigating novel food processing technology and food enzymes, people can get more quantities and varieties of food products on the shelf of a supermarket from the same amount of agricultural outcome. For example, converting xylan in corncobs into xylooligosaccharides not only increases the efficiency of corncob usage but also lowers the demanding of sugars.

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