Penalty to Polluter Act: A Sustainable Solution to Reduce Extreme Pollution


The action of polluting especially by environmental contamination with man-made waste is pollution [1]. Polluters are those materials which are responsible for the decrease of quality of air, water, soil, noise and other natural environment. Polluter is a subject which is responsible for the pollution. Subject could be people, company/ organization, country, Industry/factory and any another subject. The study describes the polluter by separating into three types as follows;

Product polluters: These are all polluters who produce first hand goods/ products and during the production they release waste materials (Pollutants) which makes environment polluted. It includes machines or engines that produce temperature increasing gases like carbon monoxide, wooden materials like furniture, household materials, Construction materials, packaged food products, chemicals used in laboratories, explosive materials used in military exercise, radioactive materials and all other usable products for the need of humankind.

Service polluters: These are all polluters relating to the service business and organizations that buy and use the product of other companies, modify them and serve them to their clients or guests. These are Hospitals, Hotels restaurants, Resorts, transportation companies, Airlines, Airports, & etc. Service polluters are also considered as the product polluters while they use raw materials to modify the first hand product. They may be charitable and as well as profit oriented. 

Individual polluter: Personal polluters are individuals and family who produce waste materials from their daily life. The pollutants produced from houses and individuals are also responsible to decrease the quality of nature. Due to the attraction towards sophisticated life style among villagers, mismanaged or hap hazarded development in developing nation, hap hazarded management of waste materials unawareness about pollution and its effects, due to lack of re-cycle and etc, are playing a crucial role to increase pollution. 

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