Some of the fields related to Food and Clinical Nutrition


Some of the fields related to Food and Clinical Nutrition

Journal of Food and Clinical Nutrition is an international peer reviewed journal that publishes recent research developments made in the field of food science and nutrition biology. The journal provides an open access platform for the dissemination of the latest developments in the field of food and nutrition.

Some of the fields related to food and clinical nutrition:

Arginine and omega-3 fatty acids, glutamine, nucleotides, beta-carotene and branched-chain amino acids are referred to as immune-enhancing nutrients. The term "immunonutrition" has been based on the concept that malnutrition impairs immune function. Immune function is depressed in critically ill patients in response to stress, trauma & sepsis. Patients with compromised immune function require specific nutrients in the form of immuno nutrition for rapid recover.

Functional Food
Functional foods are foods that have a potentially positive effect on health beyond basic nutrition. They promote optimal health and help reduce the risk of disease. A familiar example of a functional food is oatmeal because it contains soluble fiber that can help lower cholesterol levels.

Dietetics is the science of applying insight in food and nutrition to improve and maintain good health. It is the study which deals with the regulation of diet, health and hygeine. A registered dietetian can work in variety of places and have diversity in work functions.

Endocrine Nutrition
Endocrine system comprises of hormone-releasing glands that are spread throughout the body such as hypothalamus, thyroid, pituitary, thymus, adrenal gland, pancreas, ovaries and testicles. These help in regulation of the reproduction, metabolism, sleep, blood pressure and heart rate. Proper nutrition plays a key role in regulating hormone. Nutritional deficiency may lead to impairment of endocrine gland function. On such example is physiological effect of insulin and growth hormone.

Nutrigenomics often interchanged with nutritional genomics is a multidisciplinary science deals with the study of how food affects our genes and how an individual’s genetic difference play role in responding to the nutrients and other compounds in the food we take. It is use of genomics to examine the interaction of diet and genes involved in health or disease. Recently nutrigenomics has gained a lot of attention in treating or preventing chronic diseases. It helps with personalized medicine and health. Certain factors are taken into consideration such as action of dietary chemicals directly or indirectly on the human genome.

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