On behalf of the Journal of Immune Disorder and Therapy : Open Access, as Editor-in-Chief, it is my distinct honour and privilege to inform you that, we are privileged to welcome clinical Society to our journal. As Editor-In-Chief it is my great pleasure and honour to welcome you to the Journal of immune disorder and therapy: Open Access.

The Journal of Immune Disorder and Therapy : Open Access aims to disseminate knowledge and promote discussion through the publication of peer-reviewed, high quality research papers on all topics related to Cancer. The open access journal is published by Insight medical publishing that hosts open access peer-reviewed journals as well as organizes more than 17 Years of Life science Communication in International scientific Conferences.

The Journal is successfully running in the 3rd Volume which covers a wide variety of specialties including infection diseases and virology reaching out to research scientists worldwide. The Journal emphasizes high-level research and education. Original research articles, reviews, short communications, and letters to the editors in the fields of immunology are welcome. Every effort is made to have a speedy and critical peer-review process.

Realizing the importance of this field has organized a prestigious conference as 5th World Congress on Virology and Infectious Diseases, London, UK, November 12-13, 2020

This is the longest running independent life science events company with a predominantly academic client base. Our multi professional and multi-speciality approach creates a unique experience that cannot be found with a specialist society or commercially.

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Sofia Khan

Journal Coordinator

Journal of Immune Disorder & Therapy


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